Sociobuddy chatterbox sociobuddy provides there users a friendly feature which was presented on the hoe tab of an user's account. sociobuddy 's chatterbox allows users to share there thoughts , views ,ideas,conversation and any type of short conversation .the main advantages of this box is in comparisons to many other social networking sites the microblogging words limit is just hardly 140-160 words but the sociobuddy's chatter box allos user to share their conversation in 500 words.

You can also lins the images and video links with your conversation.

Reminder/event maker Sociobuddy provides many features for there user in which reminder or event maker is one of them . in sociobuddy event maker you can develops an number of events for your requirement you can makes reminder about your meetings,dates,works,crucialevents and so on,in which you can set the date,time,place,to whom you want to meet and can make an numbers of alerts for yourself.

Help topics

  • (1) How to make an event in sociobuddy event maker?.
  • (2) How to set date and time and place on the event maker?.
  • Photo Gallery Sociobuddy also provides there users a number of photouploading sociobuddy images or photo uploads the user can share there numbers of photographs with itself and there friends and colleagueson sociobuddy sociobuddy photo gallery you can resize your images size with your as per requirement and you can also named or can give an title to your each photographs and can be categorized in any wish in which useras per comparisons to many other social networking sites sociobuddy provides there user to uploads there image in about size of 5 MB and can support any types of image formats.

    Help topics

  • (1) How to upload an image on sociobuddy?.
  • (2) How to resize the image size in sociobuddy?.
  • (3) How to give an title to your photos?.
  • (4) How to categorises the gallery on sociobuddy?.
  • Universal Microblogging box Sociobuddy provides a very special features to there users . therefore the name is suggested universal microblogging box . in this special box which was presented in an new pages of an user account gives an special convenience to there users to share their view ideas , thoughts , views , videos , photos , links , information and so on and also comments with whole over the universe which were on sociobuddy it is much similar to the sociobuddy chatterbox but quiet different to each other as you can share your information freely with many others users which were using sociobuddy.

    Note:- This feature will be activated only on the status of those users account which were gives the permissions to sociobuddy to sociobuddy to share their information to everyone or anyone on sociobuddy.

    Help topics

  • (1) How to use universal microblog box?.
  • Ads Sociobuddy provides the absolute crucial or important features to their normal , business and middleterm users to share their views,thoughts,ideas,information and coutations to communicate with the outside + inside any country of the world of sociobuddy. As the procedure suggested by the sales executives of sociobuddy corp. every users or any normal persons who want to promotes there brands , information , products information and views can publish an ads on sociobuddy main user interface.

    According to sales executives below steps should be undertaken for advertising on sociobuddy.

  • Steps
  • (1) log on to
  • (2) go to the sociobuddy footer option in many of them one is of ads options.
  • (3) Click on the ads option an promoting or interactive screen or page will be appears,on which sociobuddy were tries sociobuddy to impress you or gives you some assurity about your ads on sociobuddy.
  • (4) After that click on the big blue button let’s begin which was presented on ads page.
  • (5) After above steps an integrated advertising environment(IAE) webpage will be appears on this step you have to fulfill required information about you,your business and your budget.